The BEST RED Lipsticks

Red is an instant classy piece that will turn your simple out fit appear more elegant. Take for example a Little black dress (LBD) well, just add RED lipstick and you’re ready to walk out your closet. It also changes your mood to fierce and sexy.

Enough of all the introduction. Now lets start of the bottom of my list. We have Maybelline Super Stay in shade Ruler. Its not like its the worst but its just not the shade I’d run in to more often. When it dries up… it dries up like a permanent marker. When you want to touch up, it will give you a difficult time. But do bring it on those night swimming parties, everyone will be shocked!

Second to last is the SHE Cosmetics, She’s on fire. Like I said its not that its not good. but just didn’t hit the top most spot. I love it because its easy to glide, easy to spread evenly but since they mention its matte, it takes quite a while to dry in to matte. It’s highly pigmented bright red. Now it’s a little bias because this is more fitting for those on the fair complexion. I also don’t gravitate to this as much. I just pick it up whenever I have that bad lip day. It says to have a good moisturizing effect.

Up next is the Revlon HD Gel Lipstick in HD Adobe. I have to say that there was a time that I was my favourite. I’d wear them like balm. It makes my lips look young and plump though It’s cracked. Its buttery formula enables it to cover those bat lip days. It shines like you never needed a gloss on top! Down side is that it can easily be smudge off. Oh well, just re apply.

Next in line is my MAC Chilli! oooh! This is my summer pick! Its red but it’s got a hint of orange. So it goes very well with peach toned eye shadows or wear them alone! Just don’t forget to moisturize before applying this lipstick because its demi-matte finish so it may somehow highlight your dry lips.

Second to my first, MAC Ruby Woo. It’s a cult fav. Even popular celebrities owns one. I pair this up with my MAC Ruby Woo Lip Pencil for the perfect lip shape and all day long effect. It’s just the best because a happy shade that never makes you look bitchy but rather a pin up girl look. Its a classic!

Now down to my very first and favourite red shade. It’s the Loreal and Balmain collaboration in shade 355. Its a deep red but not wine red, just the right amount of bright and pigment. Or should I say the PERFECT red shade. It’s not the expensive type of lipstick but its that one every woman has to own. This shade goes well with any outfit! It’s also not the shade that I’m crazy about. It’s also has the buttery formulation that I love. When I previously mentioned buttery, this one is different from that. This buttery is a bit creamy. It’s stable that it wont bleed (not literally LOL). It can glide easily while giving immediate pigment of colour. The packaging is also superb as its light. Its in Black and Gold packaging which makes it more expensive looking but it actually costs less than a MAC lipstick. Well I wish I could describe more of how it was my current obsession but you should try it for yourself and find out why.

Do you find my blog a bit long to read? Why not hop on t my Youtube channel to watch? I can give you better visuals. I also flushed them under running water to test them. Excited? Let’s go!

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