Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eye Shadow Palette

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It has been a while since I last post a lengthy one but heres a worth one! I ordered my Naked Cherry palette through the Sephora pre sale event last September 28, 2018 and never did I have any regrets doing it. It was like the feeling when I bought my Naked 3 palette. I bought it at PHP 3,500 It was a bit pricey compared to my all time fav ABH palettes but yes they are worth it because pans are twice bigger than ABH.

It’s the type of palette that you can bring during travels since you can create different looks with it. Plus the aesthetic looks really cool you can display it at your vanity. It kinda looks like made out of glass but its acrylic. It also has this 3D cherries at the front. The cherries at the front are direct same tone of what shade is inside. How can I not mention the magnetic that smoothly locks in unlike the lock on Naked 3. This one is cute. Oh the mirror too is great, wide and ACCURATE! It’s so much clearer than your UHD TV just don’t forget to peel off the protective plastic strip.

The Colors are really great! Like you have different shades of cherry reds. Theres a bonus, I’ve seen a peach, cream color, and skin tone coffee shade too! These are great for combinations. I also love the shimmery colours. Specially the shade “TURN ON” and “YOUNG LOVE” You can wear them alone but still look fab!

You can find my in depth review of this palette at my YOUTUBE channel.


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