My Experience with AIVEE CLINIC

Sharing my first time at The Aivee Clinic Vertis, and it was really great. I’ve been to a lot of aesthetic clinics and skin care clinics but only this clinic was the one to standout and tick all the boxes from my check list.


✅Assistance from booking to receiving you in their reception area. I started booking through their instagram and they called (also did an imessage of reminders). ✅Really nice clinic aesthetics (everywhere is so instagramable). ✅So well maintained just like every top rated hotel. Clean and shiny. ✅Everywhere smells nice. Kinda remembered the Singapore Airport. ✅They have resident DERMATOLOGIST, not just trained doctors. So they can solve almost all of your beauty questions. Even the owner herself is a Dermatologist. ✅Consultation is at fair rate. ✅They don’t force you to buy all their products and you can actually ask if you can buy them at regular drugstores. Unlike other clinics that force you to buy their products though thats not what you came for. ✅Doctors are accommodating and very nice. They smile a lot and treat you like a regular. ✅At the reception, the staff are really friendly. They attend to you immediately. ✅They offer drinks without you having to ask for it. ✅They check the meds if they are expired before they give it out to patients. ✅They have separate meds prescription from a well organized schedule of meds. This way you’d see if you need it by morning, noon and evening. ✅They schedule you and call you for your next session (via branch recep)

The not so good thing. The restroom door at the vertis clinic is difficult to lock and open. hahaha but that was really nothing for me… Theres none that I see bad .

Review is not paid or sponsored. I was just happy with the whole experience. I think its worth sharing to people who think its so expensive at Aivee Clinic.

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A former Marketing Executive and a Branch Manager who has a never ending love for the arts in Makeup Artistry. Khristina previously worked in different corporate companies, turned pages and worked with an aesthetic clinic taking in the vision and mission to help others achieve the beauty every man and women desires through science. But she has this passion for something she has always wanted- Makeup. In late 2017 she decided to take a step closer to making her way to being a professional Makeup Artist. She believes that anyone can become instantly beautiful and have a heightened self esteem. She not only has the passion and skills but also had trainings for correct practices.

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