Makeup using no tools!

When you’re so used to doing your makeup with sponges or brush and in a second you forget them, this is how you’d possibly look like. Please watch the video for more entertainment.

Just incase you’re not a fan of using makeup tools and find it hassle to carry them around because they make your bags bulky then opt for automatic pen type, stick packaged makeup to make all makeup application easy. I did everything wrong because I only have these certain available products to use because I mostly have powders and liquids.

I know someone who loves to use their fingertips in almost all application but there are some exceptions too! Eye brows and contour are tricky and cannot be just. I think in today’s vlog you’d realize the type of makeup look if  you’d be forgetting your tools during your travel.




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A former Marketing Executive and a Branch Manager who has a never ending love for the arts in Makeup Artistry. Khristina previously worked in different corporate companies, turned pages and worked with an aesthetic clinic taking in the vision and mission to help others achieve the beauty every man and women desires through science. But she has this passion for something she has always wanted- Makeup. In late 2017 she decided to take a step closer to making her way to being a professional Makeup Artist. She believes that anyone can become instantly beautiful and have a heightened self esteem. She not only has the passion and skills but also had trainings for correct practices.

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